Cervical Traction. Many of the chiropractic modalities are suitable for any type of pain, but cervical traction is specifically aimed at the neck. cervical traction allows you to stretch the vertebrae in your neck by gently tugging the head away from the neck. It lightly stretches the vertebrae in this area and reduces pressure.

treatments and surgeries for medical eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration are covered. Some …

While conventional doctors normally use standardized procedures and work with techniques and medicines that are studied in clinical settings, alternative doctors offer a different approach.

In addition to prescription treatments, you may be looking for alternative ways to reduce spine pain and inflammation. Chiropractic care is a type of complementary therapy. There’s little evidence …

Are there many different types of chiropractic treatment? There are two main types of treatment used in chiropractic therapy: manipulation treatment and soft tissue treatment . Manipulation treatment or chiropractic manipulation centres on the manual application of a sudden yet controlled force on a joint that has become restricted in its movement.

There are many different chiropractic techniques. Some doctors of chiropractic perform joint manipulation with their hands only, while others use various instruments. Additionally, some chiropractors treat using quick but firm manipulation, while others have a lighter touch.

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