The surface EMG scan tracts the function of the muscles. A scan of a patient’s muscle asymmetry depicts the amount of muscle pull from one side to another. Normal is marked by white spikes or no spikes at all. The same colors are used here – green, blue and red for mild, moderate and severe levels…

They pulled out the thermal imaging camera and that’s how they were able to spot the pup. “This is basically what I saw was a white faint blotch like that,” Evenson explained. Once they …

City spokeswoman Sarah Stadtherr says firefighters used a drone with thermal imaging for the first time. The Star Tribune says it allowed them to locate hot spots and more effectively use their hoses.

The Tytron accurately scans the full spine or upper cervical area in approximately 15 seconds. Scanning a patient is so easy to complete that many doctors will scan the patient both pre-adjustment and post-adjustment. Each scan is automatically added to the patients file allowing you to maintain a complete history of all office visits.

Dr. Fletcher Rolling Thermal How ToThermal Scan: The scanner will measure the temperature on each side of your spine. Your skin temperature is controlled by the autonomic nervous system which is that part of the nervous system that you don’t have to think about. Such as heart rate, breathing, all organ function, and much more.

Chiropractic Articles Physical and emotional wellness is a family affair at a pair of Ahwatukee’s newest businesses located under one roof. Tukee … Dr. Nico Caponi and dr. alyssa caponi held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Feb. 21 to kick off the grand opening of their new … Types Of Chiropractic Treatments Cervical Traction. Many of the

Advanced Chiropractic Technology – Thermal Scan The patented Insight Thermal Scanner is used to assess the autonomic nervous system (ANS) which controls your organs, glands, and blood vessels. The vitally important ANS regulates such functions as digestion, hormone balance, immune system performance, blood pressure, and body temperature.

Types Of Chiropractic Treatments Cervical Traction. Many of the chiropractic modalities are suitable for any type of pain, but cervical traction is specifically aimed at the neck. cervical traction allows you to stretch the vertebrae in your neck by gently tugging the head away from the neck. It lightly stretches the vertebrae in this area and reduces pressure. treatments

Surgical apparatus or processes in general are covered by subclass A61B. Subclass A61H provides for massage, chiropractic, or physical therapy apparatus or processes used for the treatment of disease, …

At Sound Sports & Family Chiropractic, we utilize an advanced chiropractic technology that scans your spine and delivers a computerized image of the stress and tension to your nervous system. Two different technologies give us (and you) an assesment

How Do Chiropractic Adjustments Work adjustment tools and patient education supplies. You are responsible for calling in repair orders and ordering new equipment when necessary. A chiropractic office should present a calm … The manual adjustments that chiropractors … such as adjusting your chair or desk at work or at home, can improve posture. This may help improve muscle spasms

Normal Scans Scan Explanations Scans with Subluxations Thermal Scan The Thermal Scan measures heat on each side of your spine. When subluxations are present, there can be a change in temperature from one side to the other [asymmetry], due to changes in blood supply. Surface EMG Scan This scan lets you see the actual levels of surface

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